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Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous!

Hello Gorgeous!Hello Gorgeous!Hello Gorgeous!

Hello! Let us Enhance your beauty & ditch the mascara! You will love your lashes! Book Today!


Welcome to Mermaid Minks!

Welcome to Mermaid Minks, your one stop shop for Lash Extensions. We specialize in lashes ONLY and have perfected the art of seamless, comfortable and long lasting application! Ditch the mascara, you won’t need it!

We offer classic, mixed and full volume sets. Whether it's a whole new look or just enhancing your natural beauty, we've got you covered!

If you're looking for fuller, lush lashes, look no further! 

Call or text today to take advantage of our current grand opening special! 


$20 off all sets

Lets Lash! 

Only the Best

Not only do we offer the best products, made from cruelty free synthetic mink, we also ensure we're using the latest methods and techniques through ongoing education. Our Lash artists are the best and will ensure you leave your appointment even more gorgeous than you came! 

Just What You Need

If you've never had lash extensions before or just aren't quite sure what you need, don't be overwhelmed! Come in for a free consultation, and share your vision with us. Together, we'll create the perfect lash set to suit your features. 

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